Ohio Nationals Here I Come


I left my girls and 3 roosters today to go to what I call the “Super Bowl”of Chicken Keeping”, the Ohio Nationals. It’s hundreds of miles from my home, it’s going to cost a small fortune to go and it is my first venture there but I had to go. I just had to.

The Ohio National Poultry Show will have as many as 6,600 entries. Can you imagine the sounds coming out of that area? It’s held in Columbus, Ohio. It’s going to be cold weather; like 28 degrees. (uh, I’m from Florida where it was in the high 70’s yesterday! Hummm.

From youth scholarships for bird raising and poultry participation, this event is the largest chicken event in the United States. The trophy area is eye candy for those who love awards and they are given in great number at this event.

Upon leaving home, I try to leave things so that when I come back, all I have to do is unpack. Also, I think about what would happen if others had to come into my home while I’m gone, so I tidy up and get things sort of “together”. Upon leaving the chicken yard, I feel the same way. Leaving it tidy for the girls and guys and for the chicken babysitter is just as important so I clean, rake and work before I go.

While saying my goodbyes to the girls and roosters, I worked and talked. I raked the entire chicken yard area, scanned along all chicken runs for holes or bent wire and made sure that all gates fastened tightly. It was a huge effort but it was a labor of love because I would not see them for a week and as someone else (my daughter) would care for them, I wanted things to go well.

I’m leaving the home place and the chickens for a week but in my heart, I’m going for them. From this visit, I hope to learn more about chicken keeping and from the experts who win trophies! Maybe I’ll win one myself one day if I enter one of my beauties into this Super Bowl event. Ohio Nationals Here I Come!


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Welcome to Chicken Lives Matter™

So, chicken lives matter™.  We’re looking forward to sharing some exciting things about chickens, gardening and other things “all country”.  Stay tuned.


Above is a pic of “Julliette”. She’s our Silver Wyandotte.  We love her.  She does not necessarily love us tho.  ‘Funny thing is that she’s a bully!  Yup.  She bullies the others in the run and they “run” away from her but, we still love her.

More about chickens because “Chicken Lives Matter™”!