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The Eyes Have It

Day 15- Blog 31 Day Event- 

The Eyes Have It- Chicken Eyes Matter

Chickens rely on their sense of sight in order to live and most assuredly if they free range or if they live in the wild. There are atleast 15 free range chickens on my dad’s land and really they are neighborhood chickens. No one claims to own them and no one feeds them. They truly live off the land. These wild birds must live by their wit and part of their keen living is that of having incredible eyesight.

Chickens can snatch a gnat out of the air in less than a nano-second. They can peck up an insect from the ground among a pile of leaves and debris. They have the ability to forage the forest with ease using their keen eyesight and beak. Due to the chicken’s quick eye sign, they have excellent motion sensing

Chickens have 3 eye lids; an upper lid, lower lid and a covering eye lid. Just as a human has a cornea, a chicken does also. It is clear and covers the iris and pupil of the eye. A chicken’s pupil is also like a humans in that it is the center black circle in the middle of the eye. With chicken’s eyesight the light enters the corner and iris and stimulates the retina nerve endings in the back of the eyeball. Chickens have tetra-chromatic vision. Humans have tri-chromatic vision. The Iris is the area of a chicken’s eye that has color.

Chicken’s have keen and sharp eyesight. As a result, they are often find themselves spooks by the quick movement of something. This is why a flock of chickens might run quickly towards their coops if they catch an eyeful of something moving quickly across the sky. This keen eyesight was an adaptation given by God in order to help chickens ward off predators. Many a life has been saved by being quick to find cover or run to safety.

Chickens do not roll their eyes. I fact if you are around chickens often enough, you will see their 3rd eye or eye-covering open and close periodically. Very often when they sleep they might close that part of their eye and when chickens are sick that eye often can be seen. Unlike a human, the outside eye lid of a chicken does not blink and chickens do not blink like traditional animal’s eyes.

Chickens do not see well far away nor do they see well at night. As a chicken keeper, I have seen my hens run into a deep corner after dark and appear totally discombobulated. That is why chickens are wired to go into their safe space at dusk.

Chicken Lives Matter



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Blog 31 Days- A Series on Chicken Lives Matter

Greetings and welcome to Blog 31 Days: A Series on Chicken Lives Matter.    We’re about to launch our “Blog 31 Day Series” and the first one will be on “Chicken Lives Matter” so here we are lovin’ chickens.  ‘You with me?  I sure hope so.

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31 Days About “Why Chicken Lives Matter”.   Why Would Anyone Want To Keep Chickens? Would this be a time that you need to assess your level of love for chickens? Are you a chicken keeper? Should you be a chicken keeper?

Thank you for visiting Chicken Lives Matter. A new writing project begins today. I hope you’ll stay with me as we go on a journey about our chickens. If you’re not a chicken lover, you may actually love this trip as we simply talk about yard birds with names and personalities. I know! “Chickens?” I get that all of the time. “Chickens?” If I’m late to a party, my response as to why is always, “I’m sorry I’m late but the chickens were out!”. When I need to go somewhere for the night the conversation is something like: Me: Will you keep my cat? My friend: “Yes”. Me: “Will you keep my dog?” My friend: “Yes” Me: “Will you keep my chickens?” My friend: “Chickens? So, I get it when a person wonders about chickens.

This 31 day project is a take off of Myquillyn, “The Nester’s” writing project 31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest from 2009.  You can find her link here.

This series for 31 days will talk about “Why Chickens Matter” and ways in which you can create a haven for your own backyard chickens. Hopefully you will discover if you are truly a chicken keeper. If you have chickens you will be better versed in keeping them. If you’re not, you will determine if you want to get your own flock so stay with me for the next 31 days as we discuss Why Chicken Lives Matter.

Day 1~ Chicken Lives Matter

Why in the world would anyone want to keep chickens? Chickens don’t particularly like to be cuddled. Chickens find interest mostly in eating and on a whole, they are nervous birds. Unlike ducks, they don’t like water. Chickens like flies, and bugs and enjoy bathing in sand. Who would want to be a chicken-keeper?

My great grandfather of South Carolina, Medicus was a chicken keeper, as was my grandfather, Alec P. Vaughan, Sr who kept a chicken yard full of birds. My father, Alec P. Vaughan, Jr. as well, provided for chickens although I really think that it was my mother, Geneva who did the naming, feeding and actual keeping. We’ve been a chicken keeping family off and on for as long as I can remember. Growing up, our chickens free ranged on our 10 acres and as recent as last week at least 8 chicks roamed that same land with a mother hen leading the way. The rooster coud be heard in the distance when spending time at my father’s property.

At least 2 decades ago, we had at 6 chickens on our land. Today, we have a couple of dozen and are all the merrier for it. It’s hard to explain the chicken math thing. Chicken math has been described on the Little Cluckers Facebook page as “ the inexplicable phenomenon known only to chicken keepers whereby a desire for “a few laying hens” quickly turns into a delirious whirlwind of coop-building, covetous chicken buying, and egg hatching, all of which leads to a world of “a few dozen hens, a couple of roos, a turkey (OK, 2 turkeys), the eggs in the incubator, the chicks in the brooder, and oh yes, that’s right, the spring hatchery order”.

Chicken math is a “thing” whereby a chicken keeper has a phenomenal desire to have more chickens regardless of the number at hand. This desire supersedes most any rational thought and the chicken owner wants no part of rational thinking. Chicken math can be dangerous but we learn from it that “Chicken Lives Matter. To go to “Day 2” click here…



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