Grey Boy Steals a Chick


I’m not exactly sure why a cat might grab a chick by the neck and run off with it. It was undetermined if my cat, Gray Boy would eat the baby chick or play with it because it would move and flitter. I never found out.

Last week, Kristie and I were working in and around the coops doing various things when we decided to let Crooked Tail Tess out with her 2 babies. We talked about how great it would be for her to teach them how to scratch, hunt and peck and even possibly sand bathe. It would no doubt be fun for both the baby chicks, mama and we knew how fun it would be for us to watch the whole event occur.

Not 30 minutes into the scratching, Gray Boy, my 7 lb cat attacked. Yes! Attacked. He stealthily ran toward a baby chick, put it into his mouth and bolted towards the house. Kristie, my daughter, yelled unintelligible words about the cat having the baby and off we ran chasing that feline in hopes to save the baby chick.

As it turned out, Gray Boy dropped the baby onto a rug by the back door in the garage. I picked the stunned little baby up and it seemed fine.

Crooked Tail Tess did not know what happened but within moments, we returned her baby to her. Crooked-Tail has a tail that is bent. Her baby ended up with a bent neck. Should we call her CN, “Crooked-Neck”? And, I’m still not sure if Gray Boy was out to play or eat. What’s your opinion. Tell us your thoughts on our Chicken Lives Matter group page on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



Day Old Chicks in the Barnyard


This has been a fun-filled spring in our barnyard. Crooked -Tail Tess, named so for obvious reasons, has had baby chicks and having chicks on the farm is truly a God-send. It’s a miracle to see a hen sit and sit and sit for 3 weeks and then one day come out to find a baby chick in with the mother.

Shaq, the proud father has been strutting around, as roosters do but Tess has been so busy holding out a full-feathered body while protecting her new babies. It took some 21 days for Tess to nest with her eggs. She began in the “mansion” coop but was moved to a smaller coop and run for better opportunity to not only protect her eggs and babies but give her peace of mind. She had been crowded out by some of the other hens in the coop wanting to lay eggs in her nesting area. When she refused to move, they literally laid their eggs almost on top of her. At that point, I knew it was time to move her to an area of her own where she would rest in peace and keep warmth on those eggs long enough to have them hatch.

While she sat on at least 11 eggs, I had placed her in a run without a rooster for a time. When she went broody, I slipped 2 fertilized eggs beneath her from a run that had a Jersey Giant. Crooked-Tail is a Jersey Giant so it all worked out well when she had 2 chicks hatch and they will look just like her!

Baby chicks on the farm are always a delight. Since the mother was keeping them warm at night, I did not have to worry about lighting for warmth or a specific area. Instead, I just moved her to a coop of her own and until such time as the babies are fully-feathered I’ll leave them.

This past week I allowed her to free range with the babies. I was right there nearby to take care of any concerns that may occur and she was not having any of the other hens come into her space so with both of us protectors there, the babies began their new lives learning how to scratch and peck up the good stuff.

What experiences do you have with baby chicks? What are the most chicks you’ve ever had? What breeds do you have? Let us know about your experiences on Twitter and Instagram. Join our Chickenlivesmatter group on Facebook.



Chicken Lives Matter Everyone!


Welcome to “Chicken Lives Matter™”.  First of all, they do.  When I was about 7 years old I found this out when visiting Hampton, SC.  My grandfather Vaughan was a chicken keeper and had about a dozen hens in the run. For some reason, I wanted to be friends with them, just like a little kid runs after a baby kitten.  It did not go well for me that day ’cause the hen I was after was a setting hen and broody.  She ran me right out of that chicken gate. Chicken Lives Matter.™

In the story of Jesus just before the crucifixion, the cock crowed 3 times just as in Jesus’s prophecies.  Chicken Lives Matter™.

And, recently, Crooked Tail Tess found herself sitting on 11 eggs. She is now caring for 6  baby chicks.  Pleasure. Please check back often to see what’s going on here at “Chicken Lives Matter” cause they really do and you do too!  See ya’ soon.