Welcome to Chicken Lives Matter™

So, chicken lives matter™.  We’re looking forward to sharing some exciting things about chickens, gardening and other things “all country”.  Stay tuned.


Above is a pic of “Julliette”. She’s our Silver Wyandotte.  We love her.  She does not necessarily love us tho.  ‘Funny thing is that she’s a bully!  Yup.  She bullies the others in the run and they “run” away from her but, we still love her.

More about chickens because “Chicken Lives Matter™”!


Chicken Lives Matter Everyone!


Welcome to “Chicken Lives Matter™”.  First of all, they do.  When I was about 7 years old I found this out when visiting Hampton, SC.  My grandfather Vaughan was a chicken keeper and had about a dozen hens in the run. For some reason, I wanted to be friends with them, just like a little kid runs after a baby kitten.  It did not go well for me that day ’cause the hen I was after was a setting hen and broody.  She ran me right out of that chicken gate. Chicken Lives Matter.™

In the story of Jesus just before the crucifixion, the cock crowed 3 times just as in Jesus’s prophecies.  Chicken Lives Matter™.

And, recently, Crooked Tail Tess found herself sitting on 11 eggs. She is now caring for 6  baby chicks.  Pleasure. Please check back often to see what’s going on here at “Chicken Lives Matter” cause they really do and you do too!  See ya’ soon.


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All chicken keepers begin somewhere.  Whether you’re learning from scratch (ha!) or whether you grew up in a home where you learned by doing at a young age, we all have our “start” with this flock that we love. You could have one chicken or you could have dozens, there is a definite love for having chickens.

Our site is here to highlight the loves for the keeping of chickens.  We hope to develop into a site whereby you’ll come to us for advice and help. We are NOT qualified to serve as veterinarian or doctors or nurses so when the serious things happen seek professional help but, we can help you research and we also can share what we’ve heard from others.  Keep checking back and offer us suggestions on our Facebook page..