Felicia, Go Home


Well, another night has come and gone and Felicia is back on the porch.  This time, she has found the umbrella under which to hide! LOL!

I have 5 birds whom I call the “Fabulous Five” but only one of them is not fabulous in eyes of the other four. When dusk comes, it appears that the four do not allow the 5th, Felicia to come into the coop.

I noticed earlier that they didn’t allow it to eat or drink and would peck at her when she came near. This was not too concerning because everyday they are free-range birds so Felicia could easily find food and water on her own.

At night though, she definitely must go inside of a coop for her safety.  So far, this is day 4 that she has found her way to my back door and has not gone “home”. Every night I say to her, “Felicia, go home”.

The first night she was on top of the grill.  Day 2, she crouched behind the grill.  Day 3, she found herself behind the grill but had turned completely around as if to hide.  Ha!  Last night, the umbrella had been placed on the patio to dry and she took opportunity to get beneath it like a movie star or something!

As usual, I grabbed her up, tucked her wings under my arms, stroked her neck and explain to her that she had to go home.  “Go home, Felicia”.

The answer to this is really simple.  No more free-ranging for the “Fabulous Five” for at least a week and in addition, I will change up the run with perches in different places, food bins changed and in the night, I’ll add a new hen or two with the “Fabulous Five”.

Felicia must stay in her coop for at least a full 7 days or more until she’s acclimated with the new group, and then, I’ll let her free range again.  If then she ends up back on the porch, I will say “Go Home, Felicia” and not let her out again.  It’s for her safety.



3 thoughts on “Felicia, Go Home”

  1. Poor Felicia! She is the last one in the pecking order. Have you observed of they chase her away at night or if she simply does not go in to the coop at all?

    Are they are new or just her? I have read that chickens need a minimum of 2 weeks in an enclosed area before they start accepting it as home.

    Good luck with her. I hope she stays safe!


    1. Debc, Felicia is definitely the last one in the pecking order! I am not sure what happens at the door of the coop at night but I do see them shun her when I have them in the run. I am now having them stay in the run so that I can get that 2 week stick-to-it situation! I’ll keep all of you posted!

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