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National Ice Cream Day and Chickens!

Chickens are like any other pet you might have. You love them. Just as you would celebrate any pet’s birthday or some celebratory day such as “National Dog Day” or Cat Fancier’s Friend Day, chickens would enjoy a celebration as well. There are a few chicken celebration days such as – Rotisserie Chicken Day( June 2) Chicks Down South Month (August) and Chicken Lives Matter Month(November) and Chicken Dance Day(May 14) but it’s always good to stretch the love when you can.

Today was National Ice Cream Day so, we(us chickens) celebrated with a Nutty Butty. It was oh such fun too!  I hope you celebrate different events with your chickens.

Below are some farm related celebrations that you might consider with your yard birds.


January 5- National Bird Day
Jam 14- National Dress Up Your Pet Month
Feb- National Bird Feeding Month
Feb National Wild Bird Feeing Month

Feb 17-20- Great Backyard Bird Count
2nd week Feb- Homes for Birds Week
Feb 14-21- National Nest box Week

March 14-18- National Wildlife Week
March 19-25- National Poison Prevention Week

April-Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
April 1 (First Sat of April)- National Birding Day
April 4- World Rat Day
April 8- Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
April-10-16-National animal control Appreciation Week

May- Be kind To Animals Week
May 4- International Respect for Chickens Day
May 8- National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
May 14- Chicken Dance Day

June 2- Rotisserie Chicken Day
July 16- National Ice Cream Lovers Day
June 18- Turkey Lover’s Day( 3rd Sun in June
June 18-24- Animal Rights Awareness Week-

July Wild about Wildlife Month
July 1- American Zoo Day
July 22- Rat Catcher’s Day

August- Chicks Down South Chicken Celebration
16-23 National Farm Animals Awareness Week(3rd week Sept.)
September 29- Happy Goose Day

October- National Animal Safety and Protection Month
World Animal Month

October 21- Reptile Awareness Day

November 1- Chicken Lives Matter Month

December 14- Christmas Bird Count Week (Dec. 14- Jan 5
December 4- World Wildlife Conservation Day

Let the Fun Begin,


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