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Coop Days -Cool Ways-Everybody’s Happy

Day 6- Blog 31 Days Adventure


Construction of a home is important. Of course, happiness is derived from being loved, and cared for but a coop can say “I love you” too.

We have 8 coops and 2 extenders and we’re fast becoming experts on what works and what does not. There are definite things in a coop that are important and then there are things that do not matter regarding a home for chickens.

Three of our coops are professionally designed and constructed. The others were put together by us folks. Oh my! All of our coops are operational and functional but each has good and bad points.

The least favorite of our coops are those in which there is little light, no drop down-doors and no inside nesting box. Any of the three of these things missing can be a nuisance.

Light is important for the chickens past dusk and in the early morning times so having an open window or drop down box to provide light can be so helpful. It does not need to be much light but available light in order to help the hens see during late evening entries and early morning wake-up times. Truly, you may not think of it but if hens cannot see, they can fall off of their perch and hurt themselves.

Drop-down doors provide needed air and the opportunity to close the coops at a whim. We have had several coops without a drop-down boxes and have installed them to give a nice breeze in the summer and to close the coop during the cold winter.

Inside nesting boxes help discourage hens from laying eggs in the far corners of a coop which can be challenging when wanting to get out eggs. Also, when hens go broody, it often presents a problem because hens like to share the nesting area for laying eggs. If a broody hens chooses that site, it creates a real kerfuffle. If there is more than one nesting box, the broody hen can be moved into the other box (not happily, of course) and its a win for all hens until the babies are born. This all depends on the size of your coop of course. In our home-made coops, we did not realize the importance of having nesting boxes inside the coops and built them outside. The hens used the outside boxes but on occasion would scratch out all of the hay which then led them back into the corners of the coop to lay their eggs. Inside nesting boxes are definitely the best solution.

Just as our lives revolve around our homes, and we derive pleasure from our own space meeting our needs, so is is for our hens and roosters. As we are the caregivers of our chickens, it should be our goals to work in an effort to make them as happy and comfortable as possible. God has done that for us and we should do that for our yard birds.

Build a happy home for your hens and build a happy home for yourself. Everyone will be happy.

Psalms 122:7 – Peace be within thy walls, [and] prosperity within thy palaces.

Proverbs 24:3 – Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established:

Psalm 127:(A Song of degrees for Solomon.) Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh [but] in vain.



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